Ocean Wellness

For many years now the Oceans have been a topic of awareness for every nation. The Oceans are connected to every aspect of life, as is water and water quality. I have lived near the Ocean most of my life and I love and appreciate what they give to all of humanity. With the advent of social media you learn quickly that as a community we are not taking care of the oceans and in fact we are harming them. The obvious concerns are pollution, plastic and trash, which are now present throughout the global waters. It doesn’t stop there however even if they are highlighted the most in the media. The marine life that inhabits our oceans are also suffering – from the smallest creatures like algae to the larger marine mammals like whales.


I have always had a special place in my heart for the oceans and the life in the seas and I am advocating for more attention and resources to be given to the oceans and the foundations that are contributing to their health and wellness. I am a member and volunteer of the Surfrider Foundation whose mission it is to clean and protect the coastal waters of the United States. I a member and advocate of the Pacific Whale Foundation that focuses on supporting and protecting the marine life that is impacted by ocean integrity and pollution.  I also support the Green Line which is a community driven organization working to protect the coastlines of Albania.


Surfrider : passion meets action with Surfrider

green line : community organized solutions and action

Pacific Whale Foundation: ocean mammals need urgent care

Cindy joins in Coastal Cleanup September 2019
Cindy joins in Coastal Cleanup September 2019

Surfrider has built a network of coastal defenders who transform their passion for our coasts into lasting protection.  Bridging local knowledge with national experts in law, policy and sceince, our forumla for success - both the paybook and the team - produces victories for our beaches year after year.  Over the last three decades we have a track record of almost 500 victories (since we sarted counting in 2006!).  We don't just play.  We win.


E gjithë pjesa perëndimore e Shqiperisë duke filluar nga Shkodra deri në Vlorë laget nga detet Adriatik dhe Jon, duke patur kështu një vijë të gjatë bregdetare me plazhe të shumta. E gjithë kjo vijë bregdetare vuan dhe po shkatërrohet nga plehrat të cilat jo vetëm nuk grumbullohen në vëndet e caktuara, por edhe kur ndodh dicka e tillë mbeten për javë të tëra pa u larguar.

green line:

It has been estimated that up to 1 billion marine animals, from plankton to sea birds to dolphins and whales die each year from plastic pollution.

Pacific Whale Foundation:

Join me in action, intention and/or donation! Here's how!

Help me reach my campaign goal with the Surfrider Foundation to raise $59,600. I chose this number symbolically to represent a change in the tide of how we value our waters. In 2018 Heal the Bay volunteers removed 59,600 pounds of trash and debris from LA County in a three-hour time span. This is an incredible figure. If we can learn to value our water and vote with our dollars then we can all make a difference. I have over 30,000 followers on Social Media. Just $2 per person will send powerful funds to the Surfrider Foundation to take even more action.

You can join my Surfrider Universe Team and/or support the campaign! More information and to make a donation, click HERE: Surfrider Universe
Make it your intention to understand the oceans and the health and wellness of the marine mammals that inhabit the seas. Resources abound for the one who wants to learn, spread awareness and be part of the solution. We need as many people as there are fish to turn the current tides, so join up!
Wherever you are, take care. Life is abundant everywhere on earth and in each place we can care for ourselves and one another. Simple things like picking up plastic debris or refusing straws is a great start. Host a recycling meeting in your neighborhood to teach others how to be most effective within their homes. Buy a reusable water bottle!