About Me

One thinks of a Dahlia flower as Cindy moves across the stage with elegance and strength. She has a poise and beauty that doesn’t push you, but invites you to meet her. Kindness and a welcoming heart emanate from her presence as she openly shares her gifts with audiences. A delight to listen to, Cindy speaks eloquently in interviews about modeling or sports, family or becoming Miss Universe Albania 2019.

Taking center court athletically, she began her career internationally playing for the Albanian National Volleyball Team. Her success and impact on the program was immediate and she was quickly recognized for her influence by garnering the attention of the media. In the summer of 2016, Cindy was featured on the famed Floriana Gara’s, “Jo Vetem Mode“ and was catapulted into the lime light.  

Cindy’s dynamic presence and style quickly caught the eye of designers and photographers. Her natural talent and ease behind the camera marked her as a rising fashion icon that was enjoyable to work with. “Modeling is a lot like sports. You have to bring your best and it might not be against an opponent, but in modeling it is a challenge to be great, to focus and to work well with everyone on the shoot. Everything about modeling and fashion is about beauty and making art and I love the collaboration of it and working with people to make a vision come to life.”

In 2019 Cindy took to the Miss Universe Albania contest with a light heart and sense of excitement. She was immediately identified as one of the front runners and her quiet but powerful charm won the communities heart. Well liked by all the contestants and judges, she simply let herself shine in every setting and venue. Winning the contest was yet another step on her path to sharing her grace and gifts on yet another stage, Miss Universe. 

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